24x7 Monitoring & Alerting

Automated trading is the best. Your trading strategy is perfectly traded while you get to live your life. The only downside is that technology can and does fail. You experience a power outage, your internet goes down, your computer crashes, your applications crash, and on and on. It's not a matter of if your MT4 automated trader will go down. But WHEN? It will hopefully be rare and it will hopefully be short. But you have to know, without a doubt, that your expert advisor is working for you all the time.

If your EA is not trading for any reason, you are not making money. Or worse, you could be losing money in a long running trade. You could be in the wrong end of a never ending trade and lose thousands!

Lostfox Alarm is a highly available monitoring and alerting system that allows you to rest easy, knowing that your automated trading strategies are working for you (and when they are NOT).

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LF Alarm vs. Other Monitors

Lostfox Alarms are specifically designed for MT4 automated trading. Other monitoring services do a simple check to make sure your PC or VPS is up and running. But, your PC or VPS could be up, but MT4 may have crashed, MT4 may have lost its connection to your broker, your broker could be experiencing downtime, automated trading could have become disabled and many other unknown problems that other monitors will show as successful.

Lostfox Alarm monitors your entire automated trading platform. It makes sure that your automated trading strategies are running and constantly checking in with us. If your automated trading strategies aren't working for any reason, we send you an alarm, and keep sending them, until they are back online making money for you.

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Receive email alerts as soon as your MT4 instance is unavailable. We will keep notifying your until your instance is back online AND trading for you.

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Quick & Easy Implementation


Set up and start monitoring your Expert Advisors in as little as 10 minutes!

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Mobile Device Push Notifications

Email notifications aren't enough. If you have to check your email to know if your automated trading strategies are working, there is no point in monitoring them in the first place. We provide a FREE app that will send push notifications with each alarm. You can use this app on multiple devices and check your current status, as well as your alert history. At any moment you can check the status of our MT4 instance and get an alarm as soon as there is an issue. We will continue to send you alarms until your MT4 instance is back online AND trading.

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Better than MT4 Notifications?

MT4 does have the ability to send email and push notifications. This is a wonderful feature. But, if you lose your internet connection, your PC or VPS crashes,etc. MT4 will not be available to alarm you that your EAs aren't working. With Lostfox Alarms we have multiple agents working together to determine that your MT4 instance is online and trading for you.

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  • "I've been using LF Alarm for over a year and it has been very reliable. Other services only monitor the status of the VPS server, not MT4. Now I sleep better knowing that my MT4 EAs and alert indictors are being monitored 24/7."
    Hugh Kimura - tradingheroes.com